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College entrance assessment (ACT or SAT)

All students in the 11th grade (3rd year of HS) must be offered a college entrance assessment (ACT or SAT). Signed parent letters were turned in during semester 1 for students to choose which test they would like to take.

The test dates are as follows:

ACT (online) Test Date: 3/6/2018, 8am

SAT (paper/pencil) Test Date: 3/21/2018, 8am

Greg Mathis Charter High School EXAM Schedule


EOC Test Dates:

May 15- Algebra 1 

May 16- Biology 1

May 17- U. S. History

All students need to be present at school by 7:30 am . Parents are being asked to ensure that students go to bed early so that they will be prepared for testing.